PPL rates went up by 18% on Dec 1st, 2022

On Dec 1st, 2022, PPL default electric rate went up by 18% from 12.36c/kWh to 14.61c/kWh. The good news? After Dec 1st, you can lock-in a lower electric rate at no commitment or cost through Arbor. Arbor is a free service that analyzes what you are currently paying, and then automatically facilitates getting you a better rate. The current rate Arbor members are getting is 11.8c per kWh, which is below the current and future PPL default rate. Link your account today to avoid overpaying and save hundreds per year.

January 31, 2023
Amanda Smith
December 11, 2022

Your PPL electric rate options

Pennsylvania has a large energy market with a large number of electricity suppliers, which causes the electricity rates in Pennsylvania to vary significantly. Customers often find it difficult to choose a new electricity plan due to the common fine print, hidden fees, and escalating rates once your term ends. This is why the majority of PPL customers remain on PPL’s default rate, which increased 18% on December 1st from 12.36c per kWh to 14.61c per kWh. This will equate to hundreds of dollars per year more for many customers.

Alternatively, you can use Arbor to automatically find and automatically get you to the best electricity rates in your area at absolutely no cost, commitment, or changes to your service.

Getting a lower rate with Arbor

Arbor is a free service that scans the market for the best electricity rates in your area. Here’s how it works:

1) You link your PPL account via your login, account number, or by uploading a bill to Arbor.

2) Arbor analyzes your current rate and scans the market for our lowest available rate.

3) Once we find a rate lower than your current rate, we’ll facilitate getting it for you.

There is absolutely no change to your reliable PPL service, and it is 100% free - Arbor only gets compensated from electricity suppliers, if we can help you save by getting you a lower rate than you are currently on.

Arbor will get you a fixed plan rate which you may cancel anytime so there are no surprises every month.

The sign up process only takes a few minutes. Click Start Saving to link your account and avoid overpaying on your PPL bills.

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