Lowering the cost of home energy for people and the planet

These days, there are more ways to save energy than ever, and more reasons to save, too. But finding the right options isn’t easy, and the market is full of unsavory sales practices.

We’re working to give everyone with an energy bill the insights they need to use less energy and live more sustainably.

Our story began with solar

Andrew, our founder and CEO, got his start selling solar panels. But he quickly realized many customers weren’t eligible for rooftop solar, and for the rest, it’s a big investment that can cause a lot of hassle. With the cost of energy rising nationwide during the pandemic, Andrew decided to build a platform to make affordable, renewable energy accessible to all.

Our business model puts your interests first

Energy rates are complicated, and deals that look good often come with a lot of traps buried in the fine print. But we believe everyone deserves access to renewable energy at a fair price. That’s why our platform is free for energy customers, and always will be.

But just as importantly, we believe our customers deserve our respect. A free product doesn’t have to come at the expense of your privacy and peace of mind. When you link your energy account, your data is encrypted and subject to strict access controls. And we never share your personal information with third parties without your explicit consent.

How we keep the lights on

Arbor makes money when you choose to do business with one of our partners. For instance, when you use Arbor to switch to a new energy provider (or just buy some new light bulbs), we make a commission on the sale.

This doesn’t affect the price you pay: it’s a normal part of our partners’ marketing expenses.

Join our team

We’re always excited to meet talented people with a passion for renewable energy. Our fully remote team is growing fast. Check out our open roles here. Submit an application and you'll hear back from someone on our team within a few days.