DTE Energy (Michigan Consolidated) Gas Company Bill Payment: Everything You Need to Know

DTE Energy (NYSE: DTE) is a diversified energy company based in the city of Detroit, its primary objective is the management of energy-related businesses. It’s one of the biggest energy services companies in the United States and provides electric utility to over 2.2 million people in southeast Michigan. They also provide natural gas utility, gas storage, and energy trading services to over 1.3 million people in central and southeast Michigan.

January 31, 2023
Amanda Smith
December 11, 2022

About DTE Energy

DTE Energy is a holding company for DTE Electric Company, DTE Gas, DTE Midstream, DTE Energy Trading, DTE Power & Industrial, and the Michigan Consolidated Gas Company (MichCon).

According to the Chief Executive, DTE Energy also focuses on industrial projects, natural gas pipelines, energy marketing, and sustainable power generation through renewable energy-based power plants. The company provides electric and gas utilities in 450 Michigan communities, including Grand Rapids and Wayne County, among others.

Here’s how DTE Energy’s gas payment works and everything you need to know about their natural gas rates.

General Payment Information for DTE Energy Users

All DTE Energy customers, whether they are residential, business, or industrial customers, can choose who supplies their gas. Each gas supplier offers different rates and gas plans customers can choose from.

The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) regulates the tariffs and rates provided by DTE Energy. The supply price offered by DTE Energy is called the ‘Price to Compare,’ you can compare that with the rates offered by other suppliers and make an informed decision.

You can find the energy rates offered by DTE Energy here. You can also find out more about what makes up your total bill here.

You can find more information about switching natural gas suppliers here.

How to Pay Your Bill

There are six ways to pay your DTE Energy bill. You can change your payment method at any time.

  • Online: You can pay your DTE Energy bill online by signing in on their website. You can pay using your checking or savings account. You can also pay using a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card.
  • DTE Energy Mobile App: Download the DTE Energy mobile app on your phone to view your bill and make payments.
  • DTE Energy Bill Payment Kiosk: You can pay your bill at any DTE Energy Bill Payment Kiosks located across the service territory. You can use cash, a check, or a debit/credit card to make your payment. You can find the locations for the kiosks here.
  • In-Person: You can pay your bill at customer offices, payment centers, and to authorized pay agents across the Michigan service area. You can use cash, a check, or a money order to make payments. Keep in mind that some of the locations may be temporarily unavailable due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).
  • Pay by Mail: You can mail your DTE Energy payment coupon using a return envelope along with your monthly bill. You can pay with a check or money order.
  • Pay by Phone: You can call the customer service number and pay your bill using your bank account or a credit/debit card.

You can learn more about the payment methods here.

Does DTE Energy Have Payment Plan Options?

DTE Energy has several payment plan options for different customers. Here are six payment programs they currently offer.

  1. eBill Paperless Billing: You can start receiving your bill through email rather than receiving a paper bill. As a result, you can integrate it with other payment programs, have multiple payment options, and will get monthly reminders. You can learn more here.
  2. AutoPay: You can automate your billing process using AutoPay. Your monthly bill will automatically be deducted from your bank account on the due date. You can learn more about it here.
  3. General Assistance: You can get general assistance in paying your energy bill. Some of the programs include Payment Arrangements, Active Military Protection, Winter Protection Plan (WPP), Affordable Rental Housing, GreenPath Financial Wellness, Medical Emergencies, and the Shutoff Protection Plan (SPP). You can learn more about each program here.
  4. Low-Income Programs: You can apply for several low-income federal and community programs that can offer payment assistance. Some of them include the Energy Efficiency Assistance Program, Home Heating Credit (HHC), and Michigan Community Action, among others. You can learn more about the programs here.
  5. BudgetWise Billing: You can pay your annual gas bill in equal payments throughout the year to avoid seasonal spikes. The calculation of the monthly bill uses historical bill data, weather forecasts, and price predictions. You can learn more here.
  6. Flexible Due Date: You can schedule the due date of your DTE Energy bill every month. You can learn more about it here.

If you want to help others or learn more about the Gift of Energy initiative, you can go here.

How to Lower Your Energy Bill

All DTE Energy customers can choose from a list of gas suppliers in their service area. You can compare the rates offered by DTE Energy with the rates and plans offered by other suppliers and choose the most suitable one.

You can use Arbor’s TrueRate Protection to check if you’re getting the best rate against the Price to Compare.

Arbor scans the market and gives you the best rates you can get in your service area with DTE Energy.

You can use the calculator to find how much you’ll be saving with each supplier.

DTE Energy Account Setup

To set up your DTE Energy account, you need to register on DTE Energy’s website.

Follow these steps to set up your new account.

  1. First, go to the registration page.
  2. Select the customer type – choose whether you’re a residential or business customer.
  3. You’ll then have to verify your current service. You can do so using your account number or your service address.
  4. After that, you have to enter your profile information. It includes your email, password, registered phone number, Social Security Number (SSN), and other contact information.
  5. Agree to the DTE Terms & Conditions, and your account will be ready to go.

You can log in to your DTE Energy account here.

What to Do if There’s a Gas Outage

If you’re facing any outages in your area, you should visit the DTE outage center. You should immediately report outages here, and if you want to find out the status of an outage, you can do so here. If you’re wondering what other areas are affected by outages, you can check out the outage map.

If you’re facing a natural gas emergency, you should go here. It’s also best to familiarize yourself with natural gas safety measures. Finally, if you believe you have evidence of energy theft, go here.

In case of a problem with the gas lines, immediately call the customer service number or 911.

DTE Energy Customer Service

DTE Energy has several customer service options.

  • You can go through the help center for general queries.
  • You can file an online complaint if you have any problem with DTE Energy’s services.
  • Contact DTE Energy by messaging them on Twitter or Facebook.
  • You can sign up for outage alerts to receive updates via text or email.

It’s best to find an answer in the FAQs before contacting a representative.

DTE Energy Phone Number and Contact Info

Here is the general contact information.

  • Customer Service Number (Outages and Bill Payment) – 1-800-477-4747
  • For Business Assistance – 1-855-383-4249
  • Online Assistance – 1-800-482-8720
  • For Hearing/Speech Impaired – 1-800-888-6886
  • Natural Gas Emergency or Leak – 1-800-947-5000
  • Mailing Address for Payments – DTE Energy, P.O. Box 740786, Cincinnati, OH 45274-0786
  • Mailing Address – DTE Energy, One Energy Plaza, Detroit, MI 48226

It’s best to call these numbers with your registered phone number.

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