Dayton Power and Light (DP&L) Bill Payment: Everything You Need to Know

The Dayton Power & Light Company is a subsidiary of DPL, Inc., and DPL is a subsidiary of the AES Corporation. Along with DPL’s other subsidiaries, DPL Energy Resources and Miami Valley Insurance Company (MVIC), DP&L provides electric generation and delivery services to over 1.25 million people in West Central Ohio. In total, DP&L provides electric service in 24 counties, including cities such as Dayton, Fairborn, and Xenia, within a service area of 6,000 square miles. The company also has over 11,000 miles of power lines and 1,700 miles of transmission lines.

January 31, 2023
Amanda Smith
December 11, 2022

General Payment Information for DP&L Users

All DP&L customers can choose who supplies their electricity. DP&L provides electric delivery services, but will only supply electricity if you don’t choose another supplier. At that point, you will get electric supply services at DP&L’s Standard Offer Rate.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) regulates the rates and tariffs of PD&L. Customers can compare the price of energy supply from PD&L with the rates and plans offered by other suppliers. You can compare the ‘Price to Compare’ to see how much you may save on your energy bill.

Here’s a complete list of the registered electric generation suppliers and their rates and plans.

You can learn more about electric choice here. If you’re confused about how to compare energy prices, you can go here. It’s also best to understand how meter reading works for your bill (to avoid scams or misunderstandings); you can learn about it here.

How to Pay Your Bill

There are five ways to pay your DP&L bill. You can change your payment method at any time.

  1. Online: You can make bill payments online using your credit/debit card or your bank account.
  2. AutoPay: You can set up AutoPay to automate monthly bill payments from your bank account. It’s advisable to use AutoPay with E-Bills (Paperless Billing). You can learn more here.
  3. In-Person: You can pay your bill in person at an authorized pay agent. You can find the list of pay agents here. Keep in mind that some of the pay agents may be temporarily unavailable due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).
  4. Pay by Mail: You can mail a check or money order to DP&L. Make sure that you detach your payment stubs before mailing your payment.
  5. Pay by Phone: You can pay your bill on the phone with your bank account or credit/debit card.

You can use KUBRA EZ-PAY to simplify the payment process.

Does DP&L Have Payment Plan Options?

DP&L has several payment plan options for different customers.

Here are four payment programs they currently offer:

  1. Budget Billing: You can get predictable energy bills to avoid seasonal fluctuations with Budget Billing. You receive the same average monthly bill throughout the year. The average bill depends on your historical electric usage, potential price changes, and weather forecasts. You can learn more here.
  2. Pay Arrangements: If you’re having trouble paying your bill, you can opt for Pay Agreements to avoid service disconnection. DP&L offers three different types of Pay Agreements. You can learn more about them here.
  3. Payment Assistance: If you’re getting further notices due to nonpayment, you may be eligible for Payment Assistance programs. The Income-Qualified Programs can also help with the reconnection of service. You can apply for programs such as the Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus (PIPP Plus), Graduate PIPP Plus, Summer Crisis Program, Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), HEAP Winter Crisis Program, and the Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP). You can learn more about each program here.

If you’re a business customer, you can apply for Summary Billing to receive one monthly bill that includes all your accounts. You can learn more here.

How to Lower Your DP&L Bill

All DP&L business and residential customers are free to choose their electric supplier. You can compare the Price to Compare and Standard Offer Rate with the plans and rates offered by other suppliers. You can learn about Ohio electric choice here.

You can choose among these registered electric generation suppliers in DP&L’s service area.

Alternatively, you can use Arbor’s free TrueRate Protection to check if you’re getting the best rate against the Price to Compare.

Arbor scans the market and gives you the best rates you can get in your service area with DP&L. When your term is expiring, Arbor finds the best rate and switches you again. You always pay the best rate and never have to worry about overpaying for electricity ever again.

You can use the free savings calculator to find out how much you could save in each case. Electricity payments can be complicated, that's why a lot of people trust Arbor to manage their electricity service, so they end up saving on their energy bills.

If you want to reduce your energy bill further, you can enroll in energy-saving programs. You can buy and install energy efficiency upgrades in your home and receive rebates on them. You can browse the DP&L shop to look for things like smart thermostats and energy saving kits. You can learn more here.

If you own an electric vehicle, you may be eligible for EV benefits and can use DP&L charging stations. You can learn more here.

DP&L Account Setup

To set up your DP&L account, you need to register on DP&L’s website.

Follow these steps to set up your new account.

  1. Go to this link to get to the website profile creation page.
  2. Enter your DP&L account number and your billing ZIP code and continue.
  3. Enter your full name, phone number, email address, username, password, and other information.
  4. Verify the information, and you will receive a confirmation email.

You can log in to your DP&L account with your username here.

What to Do if There’s a Power Outage

Whenever you’re having a power outage, you should immediately report it here. You can report an outage using your registered phone number or your DP&L account number. You can check the outage status using the same method here.

If you’re wondering what other areas are affected by power outages, you can check out the power outage map. It’s also best to familiarize yourself with outage safety tips.

DP&L Customer Service

DP&L has several customer support options.

  • Use the Contact Us page to make general inquiries.
  • You can fill out an online email form to submit any queries. You can find the form on the Contact Us page.
  • You can follow DP&L on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube for the latest and trending updates.
  • There are several accessibility options, such as enlarged bills and braille bills. You can find them here.
  • You can read about customer rights and responsibilities here.

It’s best to go through the FAQs in each section to learn more before contacting a representative.

DP&L Phone Number and Contact Info

Here is some general contact information.

  • DP&L’s Residential Customer Service – 1-800-433-8500
  • Business Solutions Center – 1-800-253-5801
  • For Power Outages and Safety Hazards – 1-877-468-8243
  • For Hearing/Speech Impaired – 1-800-750-0750
  • Bill Payment Using Bank Account – 1-888-978-0827
  • Bill Payment Using Credit/Debit Card – 1-888-978-0828
  • Mailing Address – DPL Inc., PO Box 1247, Dayton, OH 45401-1247
  • Mailing Address Payments – Dayton Power & Light, PO Box 740598, Cincinnati, OH 45274-0598

It’s best to call these numbers with your registered phone number.  

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