Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Bill Payment: How It Works

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania is a natural gas service provider that provides natural gas to residential, commercial, and industrial customers within 450 communities, across 26 counties throughout the State College, Western Pennsylvania, and greater York service territories.

January 31, 2023
Amanda Smith
December 11, 2022

About Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania

The company is a subsidiary of parent company NiSource and has headquarters in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. This article explains how the Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania bill payment system works, as well as how to set up and manage your Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania account.

Home and commercial business owners in Pennsylvania can purchase a deregulated natural gas plan from one of the many gas distribution systems and suppliers in the region. Their selected supplier will then coordinate with Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania to prevent interruptions in the delivery and maintain energy efficiency.  

General Payment Information for Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Users

The current Price to Compare (the default supply price) for Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania natural gas supply is currently $0.21406 per therm for residential customers and $0.21195 per therm for commercial/business customers. In case you choose one of the competitive natural gas utility companies, you may receive special incentives and pricing, as well as reliable service with high safety standards. However, there is no guarantee that you will save on the total bill.

How to Pay Your Bill

There are four ways you can pay your Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania bill.

  1. Online: Once you have created an account with the company, you can pay through your bank account via a bank account and routing number. If you have the AutoPay option enabled, the payment will be deducted from your account automatically. You can also pay via credit/debit card, Amazon Pay, and PayPal.
  2. Pay by Phone: You can call Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania at 1-888-460-4332 to make payments.
  3. In-Person: You can pay in-person at authorized payment locations.
  4. Mail: You can mail your payment via money order or check.

For more information on each payment method, click here.

Does Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Have Payment Plan Options?

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania offers several ways to pay your gas bill. These include credit card payments, debit card payments, bank drafts, phone payments, mail payments, and in-person payments.

Additionally, they provide two different payment options for every customer to choose from:

  1. Budget Plan – You can pay a constant amount each month, without any amount fluctuations. The total bill is calculated based on projected costs, usage, and weather.
  2. Assistance Programs – You can choose from several payment assistance programs to help you pay your bills. These include programs such as the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and the Customer Assistance Referral and Evaluation Services (CARES) program, among others.

You can also access the emergency repair program, which provides assistance for replacement or repair of gas hobs, furnaces, space heaters, and gas lines. In addition to that, eligible customers can get a Dollar Energy Fund grant to help pay off past dues. In light of current events, customers can also foot a financially struggling friend, neighbor, or family member's bill via the Gift of Energy program.

How to Lower Your Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Bill

With deregulated gas plans, customers can choose from several rates from multiple competitive suppliers. Check the ‘Price to Compare’ — Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania’s default rate — and compare it with licensed natural gas supplier prices.

Arbor’s TrueRate Protection is the best way to ensure that you always pay the lowest rate against your current ‘Price to Compare.’

For example, the current Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Price to Compare is 5.637 cents per kWh. Arbor scans the natural gas markets for the best rates, and will generally find lower rates than your current supplier’s price.

You can use the calculator to find out exactly how much you can save with TrueRate Protection.

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Account Setup

To set up your online account, you need to register online on the Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania website.

Follow these steps to set up your account:

  1. Open the link in a safe browser and enter your Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania account number found on the top-right of your bill. You can also find out your account number by entering the phone number associated with the account.
  2. Along with the account number, enter one of the following – your name, Date of Birth, Tax ID, or the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  3. Verify the information and submit it.

After your account has been set up, you can choose to sign up for the paperless eBill, as well.

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Login Account

Once your Columbia Gas account is up and running, you can log in here.

In case you’re moving to a new residence, you can add your new address to your existing account. To do that, click on ‘Account Settings’, and then ‘Manage Accounts’. On the top-right corner of the accounts page, click on ‘Add Account’. Follow the prompts to connect your new and old property together under your current online account.

Enter your username and password for account sign in. If you have trouble logging in and are wondering how to reset your password, just click on the ‘Forgot Username’ or ‘Forgot Password’ button.

What to Do if There’s a Power Outage

If you think there is a natural gas outage or service interruption in your area due to gas explosions or any other emergency situations, contact the Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania emergency service at 1-888-460-4332 for outage alerts.

You can also contact emergency services if you have medical concerns pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic, or special home safety needs regarding an outage.

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Customer Service

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania has several customer service options.

  • Use the Contact Us page to make general inquiries.
  • Call the Customer Services and Gas Emergencies hotline for voice call alerts (emergency contact - highest priority).

If you have any form of impairment, contact the TRS at 711.

The emergency hotline is the best way to alert the supplier in case you smell gas from a potential gas leak.

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Phone Number and Contact Info

Here is some general contact information:

  • Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Customer Service – 1-888-460-4332
  • Mailing Address – For Payments: Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania, P.O. Box 70285, Philadelphia, PA 19176-0285. For misc. correspondence (Gas pipeline damage, weather safety emergency information, etc.) Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania, P.O. Box 2318, Columbus, OH 43216-2318.

To avoid any confusion, use your registered number when dialing any of the numbers above.

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