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Central Maine Power customers now have access to lower electric rates

September 11, 2023
Amanda Smith
December 11, 2022

CMP savings are now available

Did you know that most people in Maine are overpaying for electricity right now? What happened is CMP's default electricity supply rates went up over the past year, so nearly all residents are stuck with high electric rates and monthly bills.

The good news? You can get your rate lowered today without changing anything else about your Central Maine Power service through Arbor.

The best news? Arbor will handle everything for you to get you the best rate. There’s no cost, fees, commitment or any interruptions in your service or billing. It is simply a 2 minute online sign-up to start saving.  

Lower your CMP bill

Arbor is a free service that lowers your CMP rate with no changes to your billing or service.

Lower my bill

How it works

Arbor is a free service that monitors the market for the best electricity rates in your area. Here’s how it works:

1) Link your CMP bill

Link your Central Maine Power account via your username, account number, or by uploading a bill so that Arbor can see what you are currently paying.

2) Get your rate lowered

When a lower rate is available, we show you how much you will save compared to your current rate, and then do the work for you to reserve it on your usual CMP bill.

3) Save with no interruptions

You will see a lower rate on your CMP bill - everything else stays the same! There are no service changes or commitments, and Arbor monitors the market on an ongoing basis to keep getting you the best rate. It is 100% free - Arbor is not a supplier and only gets compensated from electricity suppliers when you get a better rate on your usual CMP bill. Arbor will continue to monitor your rate compared to what is available. 

The sign up process only takes two minutes. Link your account today and start saving on your CMP bills.

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Start saving on your energy bills today

Arbor helps you make better choices for your wallet and the planet. Take 2 minutes to join thousands of others who are saving on average $544 per year.

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