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CleanChoice Energy Company is a retail electricity provider (REP) based in Washington, DC, that provides renewable and clean energy via wind power in several states including New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. The renewable energy company is one of the top clean energy suppliers in the US. Here’s everything you need to know about CleanChoice Energy, along with their rates, energy plans, and pricing.

April 19, 2023
Amanda Smith
December 11, 2022

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CleanChoice Energy Service Areas

Headquartered in Washington, DC, CleanChoice Energy provides clean power generated by wind, geothermal, and solar power in the service area of various utility companies in and outside the District of Columbia. Some of these include:

  • Consolidated Edison of New York: Their service areas include the greater NYC region, Yonkers, and Albany.
  • AEP Ohio: Their service areas include major Ohio cities such as Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.
  • The Illuminating Company: Their Ohio service area includes cities such as Toledo, Akron, and Mansfield.
  • Delmarva Power: They cover multiple Maryland and Delaware cities including Baltimore, Newcastle, and Ocean City.
  • PECO Energy: Their coverage includes Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Scranton, Pennsylvania.

You can find all CleanChoice Energy plans for electric customers and customers in every covered state.

CleanChoice Energy Plans and Rates

CleanChoice Energy offers a wide range of electricity plans.

The following are two types of energy plans all CleanChoice Energy customers can choose from:

  • Fixed-Rate Plans: Fixed-rate plans let you pay the same amount throughout your electric plan. The plan length can be for 6, 12, or 24-months. We recommend fixed-rate plans because they provide price certainty and minimize risk. But be careful: when your term expires, your rate becomes variable and can go up without notice. Arbor automatically keeps you on the best fixed-rate plan, so you don’t have to worry about rate hikes on your utility bills at the end of your term.
  • Variable-Rate Plans: Such plans are dependent on the retail energy market prices and can vary daily or monthly. Variable-rate plans are not as stable as fixed-rate plans and can prove expensive in the long term.

Some plans may ask you for a deposit. However, plans available through Arbor never require a deposit.

CleanChoice Energy Energy Plan Information

While you can find most of the plan information on the energy company’s website, it’s best to read the plan’s Electricity Facts Label (EFL). It contains additional information on each plan, including the following:

  • Price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) depending on energy usage
  • Early termination fees
  • Cancellation fees
  • Percentage of renewable energy sourcing

You can switch to different energy plans without any hassle. Other charges on your electricity bill include your local TDSP or TDU charges. TDU (utility company) charges include the cost of delivering electricity, maintaining solar panels and power lines, as well as handling power outages.

Why CleanChoice Energy for Washington, DC Electricity

CleanChoice Energy offers various features and incentives, including the following:

  • Low upfront costs
  • Comparatively lower costs per energy use
  • Offering more responsible energy choices
  • High solar energy production
  • Massive renewable energy development with more efficient solar farms
  • Commitment to reduce air pollution due to fossil fuel usage in coverage areas
  • Ethical electric energy sources overall

You can make your CleanChoice Energy account to manage your plans online.

Find the Best Electricity Rates with Arbor

The East Coast energy market is massive and has several clean electricity providers. Choosing any single energy provider depends on what energy plans and rates are available.

All electric companies offer various energy plans with different rates, and it can be hard to choose any single plan. You can search and try to shop for rates yourself, but watch out for the fine print, hidden fees, and escalating rates once your term ends.

You can use Arbor’s free TrueRate Protection service to automatically find and switch to the best renewable electricity rates in your area.

Arbor scans the market and gives you the best rates you can get in your service area. When your contract term is expiring, Arbor finds the best rate and switches you again. You always pay the best rate and never have to worry about overpaying for electricity ever again.

You can also use the free savings calculator to find out how much you could save in each case.

CleanChoice Energy Reviews

You can view CleanChoice Energy's Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating to get a better idea of their services. The company gets generally positive reviews from green energy consumers.  

Generally, CleanChoice Energy is considered the best clean power option for residential customers. The company's commitment to generating power via renewable sources has made it popular with many climate change-conscious customers. It's also one of the biggest clean electricity suppliers in its coverage area, holding several renewable energy certificates due to its multiple community solar farms.

CleanChoice Energy Customer Service

There are several CleanChoice Energy customer service options.

  • You can visit the CleanChoice Contact for general queries.
  • Call your local utility company to report power outages.

It’s best to go through the FAQs before contacting a representative.

CleanChoice Energy Phone Number and Contact Info

Here is some general contact information.

  • CleanChoice Energy Customer Care – 1-800-218-0798
  • For Energy Emergencies: 1-800-218-0113
  • Mailing Address – P.O Box 1055 Thomas Jefferson St NW #650, Washington, DC 20007, United States

It’s best to call these numbers with your registered phone number.

Lower your electric rate in 2 minutes

Arbor is a free service that lowers your rate with no changes to your billing or service. You can even choose renewable energy.

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