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Arbor is partnering with MoneyLion to help you automatically lower your electric rate on an ongoing basis. Customers who switch save an average of $544 per year.

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Connect utility account

Link your electric account so that we can see what current rate you are on.

Connect utility account

We will handle the paperwork once we find you a lower fixed rate than your current rate.

Connect utility account

Sit back and track your monthly savings on your Arbor dashboard.

Savings made easy

We’re not a utility or energy supplier. As your energy advisor, our only goal is to help you save without a hassle.

No Service Changes

There's no service interruption or change in the reliability of your power. Just pay the same utility bill, with a new rate.

100% Free

Our energy supply partners pay us so you don’t have to, and we only get paid when you choose to switch to a new rate.

Cancel Anytime

Cancel your new rate anytime. If there’s an early termination fee that you pay, we’ll reimburse you for it, no questions asked.

Easy & Seamless

We handle all the busy work of finding and enrolling you in a new rate. No more confusing fine print, long phone calls, or annoying forms.

What our clients says

I’ve seen a few neighbors switch to solar, but always worried about the cost and the impact on my property.

Sean Livingston
Austin, TX

I’ve seen a few neighbors switch to solar, but always worried about the cost and the impact on my property.

Sean Livingston
Austin, TX

I’ve seen a few neighbors switch to solar, but always worried about the cost and the impact on my property.

Sean Livingston
Austin, TX

What they're saying about Arbor

Take a look at a snapshot of what our users are saying about Arbor.

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Apr 21, 2024
Super easy from start to finish

The whole process from start to finish was super easy. I was able to lower my electric generation rate and Arbor will continue to try to find the best rate for me in the future. This has been one of the best experiences with a company I have ever had. I would highly recommend if you want to lower your electricity bills.

April 3, 2024
Arbor saves consumers money

Arbor saves consumers money at a time we need it most. Arbor helps fight inflation making more money available for other important bills. Who could ask for anything more of any company.

William K.
April 16, 2024
Talk about a no brainer

I signed up, they matched me with a lower price power provider, and they did the rest. AUTOPILOT ACTIVATED!

Lee S.

Still have questions?

What is Arbor?

Arbor is a home energy advisor that helps you lower your electric bill on an ongoing basis for free. In states with deregulated electricity markets (13 states in the NE, Midwest, and Texas), you are able to choose an alternative electricity supply plan without changing your utility company. Most people don't know this though, so they stick with the default supply plan provided by their utility company which may not be as low as other competitive supply plans available.

You pay your same usual bill to your utility, but with a lower rate, and it's available to renters and homeowners.

What happens when I sign up for a new rate?

Once a new rate is submitted, you'll receive a confirmation email with the details of your rate (price/plan duration/supplier). From there, the new rate will be on your bill in the next 1 -2 billing cycles. The switch time varies for each utility company. When you switch to a new rate, your utility stays the same. There's no interruption in your service, and you'll get your bill only from Utility, you'll just see the supplier rate in the supply section of the bill.

Will I have to get a new meter or buy any new equipment?

Never. Updating your supply rate in competitive electricity markets is seamless. You get the same reliable electricity, pay the same utility bill, all with a better supply rate. No equipment or installation required.

How does Arbor make money?

If you switch to a new supply rate through us, one of our energy supply partners gets a new customer and pays us a referral fee from their marketing budget. Because we connect suppliers with so many customers at a low cost, they can pass on those savings to you as lower rates. We never sell your data and we only get paid when you are switched to a new rate.

Our energy supply partners pay us so you don't have to!

Can I switch back to my old rate?

If you were previously on your utility's default supply rate, you can switch back at any time. If you were previously on a competitive supply rate, you may not be able to switch back to the same rate because suppliers change their rates frequently, but you will be able to switch to any competitive rate available at that time or to the utility default supply rate.

What happens if I move?

Typically when you move, you can transfer the rate to your new address if you stay within the same utility company territory. If you move out of your utility territory, then you cannot transfer, so you would terminate the rate. But when you move, typically suppliers cannot impose early termination fees by law, and where they can, they typically do not seek to enforce them. All that being said, we do provide a backstop guarantee such that if you do indeed have to pay a fee, we will reimburse you.

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