Drive new revenue and loyalty by helping your residents save on energy

Arbor lowers the cost your residents pay for energy by leveraging the buying power of over 50,000 participating households to get them exclusive low rates. It's 100% free to have your properties join without any interruption to the resident's utility service or your operations.

Go live with Arbor in as little as 24 hours and learn more about our revenue-sharing program today.

How it works for the resident

Resident links their utility account

They link their utility account or upload a recent bill to get their rate analyzed.

Select your utility

PPL Electric



We lower their rate

We show them how much they can save and then do all the work to get them on a lower rate.

We found you a lower rate!

New rate


Current rate


Estimate savings

They save with no interruptions

They’ll see a lower rate on their utility bill - everything else stays the same!

Your utility bill





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What they're saying about Arbor

Take a look at a snapshot of what our users are saying about Arbor.

Testimonials reflect real, individual experiences that are unique and cannot be guaranteed.

Apr 21, 2024
Super easy from start to finish

The whole process from start to finish was super easy. I was able to lower my electric generation rate and Arbor will continue to try to find the best rate for me in the future. This has been one of the best experiences with a company I have ever had. I would highly recommend if you want to lower your electricity bills.

April 3, 2024
Arbor saves consumers money

Arbor saves consumers money at a time we need it most. Arbor helps fight inflation making more money available for other important bills. Who could ask for anything more of any company.

William K.
April 16, 2024
Talk about a no brainer

I signed up, they matched me with a lower price power provider, and they did the rest. AUTOPILOT ACTIVATED!

Lee S.

Benefits of partnering with Arbor

Drive new top-line revenue for your properties, while giving your residents a better experience.  

Earn new revenue

Arbor offers a revenue-sharing program for property managers and owners for every resident that participates.

Reduce their cost of living

Utility costs have never been more top of mind due to inflation and rate increases. Help them reduce their costs when they need it most.  

Full support and reporting

Arbor does all the ongoing work for you and your residents to help them save, all you need to do is show them where to go.

Drive new revenue and satisfaction at your properties

Your properties can be up and running with Arbor in as little as 24 hours. Learn more today.

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