Electricity Rates 101

Can I really switch to a different energy rate?

Yes, so long as you live in an area with competitive electricity markets, including CT, DE, IL, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, TX, and Washington DC. Within those territories, some areas are served by utilities that do not allow competitive energy rates, so check with Arbor today to see if you qualify.

What’s the difference between fixed rate & variable rate rates?

Arbor only offers fixed rate rates, usually with a term of 12 months or longer. Fixed rate rates provide price protection and certainty, with a guaranteed rate for a period of time. Variable rates, on the ohter hand, fluctuate month-to-month, exposing you to unexpected price hikes. Most default utility rates and competitive supplier rates are variable rates.

What does the lowest price plan mean?

Lowest price plan means we will find you the lowest price available, regardless of its source.

How can I find my current electricity supply rate?

You can find your current electricity rate on your utility bill, under the "Supply" or "Generation" section. Most people are on the default utility service, and for your convenience we assume that is your current price. But if you have switched to a competitive supplier, your price may be different. When you link your utility account, we automatically calculate and monitor your rate each month.

What’s a supplier?

A supplier purchases or generates electricity and then sells it to end users through the local utility grid, and on the local utility bill. Suppliers are active in competitive electricity markets, where companies compete to offer electricity, just like cable or internet companies compete for your business.

What’s a utility?

Utilities operate the electrical grid (the "poles and wires" company), which distributes electricity from power plants, over transmission lines, to your home. In most places, the utiility is the default supplier, but in competitive electricity's markets you can choose to buy electricity from a competitive supplier. You still receive the same reliable electricity and the same monthly bill from your utility, but with a different rate from the competitive supplier.

What does 100% renewable energy mean?

100% renewable means that all of the energy you use is associated with the generation of energy at renewable energy facilities like wind and solar farms.

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