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What does Arbor do with my data?

Arbor only uses your data to help you save on energy. We do not sell your data and we only share it with your permission.

Who will I pay my bills to if I enroll in a new rate?

When you sign up for a new rate from a competitive supplier, you just keep paying your local utility. They continue to manage your bill, and deliver the same reliable electricity to your home. You'll just see the lower rate and the name of your competitive supplier on your bill.

How does Arbor make money?

If you switch to a new energy rate through us, one of our energy supply partners gets a new customer, and pays us a referral fee from their marketing budget. Because we connect suppliers with so many customers at a low cost, they can pass on those savings to you as lower rates. We never sell your data, and we only get paid when you choose to switch to a new rate. Our energy supply partners pay us so you don't have to.

Will I have to get a new meter or buy any new equipment?

Never. Updating your rate in competitive electricity markets is seamless. You get the same reliable electricity, pay the same utility bill, all with a better rate. No equipment or installation required.

What is Arbor?

Arbor is a smart energy platform that makes it safe and easy to lower your bill and your impact on the environment. Think of us as your digital energy advisor.  By analyzing your energy usage and costs, we can help you find the right energy products and services for you.

Why should I link my utility account?

Linking your utility account is a secure and convenient way to share your energy data with us, so that we can analyze how much you are paying for energy, how much energy you use, and where your energy comes from. If you link your utility account, we can alert you when we find a better rate. We can also share personalized insights and recommendations on more ways to save.

Will there ever be an early termination fee for my new rate?

The majority of supply plans do not have early termination fees, but occasionally some do. Arbor offers reimbursement on all early cancellation fees. If you sign up for a rate through Arbor and cancel for any reason before the end of the term, we'll reimburse you for any early termination fee you pay. You will see this early termination fee on your Arbor dashboard if there is one on your rate plan. All you'd need to do is send us your bill showing you paid a fee and we'll reimburse the full amount.

What happens when I sign up for a new rate?

Once a new rate is submitted, you'll receive a confirmation email with the details of your rate (price/plan duration/supplier). From there, the new rate will be on your bill in the next 1 -2 billing cycles. The switch time varies for each utility company. When you switch to a new rate, your utility stays the same. There's no interruption in your service, and you'll get your bill only from your utility, you'll just see the supplier rate in the supply section of the bill.

How does Arbor decide if a rate is better than my current rate?

When you turn on Autopilot, we'll monitor the market for a better rate. If you set Autopilot to lower your bill, a rate is considered better when it is lower than the rate on the most recent bill you shared with us or if it is lower than your forecasted rate for the next month. If you set Autopilot to prioritize renewable energy, a rate is better if it is renewable and you are currently not on a renewable plan.

Can I switch back to my old rate?

If you were previously on your utility's default rate, you can switch back at anytime. If you were previously on a competitive supply rate, you may not be able to switch back to the same rate because suppliers change their rates all the time, but you will be able to switch to any competitive rate available at that time.

What does it mean when there are no rates available?

We do not currently have any rates available from alternative suppliers in your area. Arbor continuously is looking for new rates so when one does show up we will let you know.

I don't have my username and password for my utility how can I find that?

You first create an online account with the utility company in your area by visiting their website. If you encounter any difficulties, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@joinarbor.com. We will be happy to assist you with the account creation process. Alternatively, you can upload a bill or manually enter your billing information.

What does this mean: Is *utility company name* listed as your Supplier?

Check the "supply" or "generation" section of your bill to see which company is listed as your supplier. If you have not switched before, your supplier will typically be your utility, so you can answer "yes" to this question.

Why is my account not linking?

Utility account linking can fail for a number of reasons. The most common reason is that login credentials are invalid. Other reasons include the utilty's website being down, or the utility having security blockers like multi-factor authentication. If utility linking fails more than once, we recommend you simply upload a bill or manually enter your account information. If you still have questions please reach out to support@joinarbor.com.

Can I refer someone?

Yes, please contact support@joinarbor.com for a unique referral link to share with friends and family. When you use your unique link, we will reward you and the person you refer. Ask us for details.

What happens if I move?

Typically when you move, you can transfer the rate to your new address if you stay within the same utility company territory (i.e. UTILITY). If you move out of UTILITY, then you cannot transfer, so you would terminate the rate. But when you move, typically suppliers cannot impose early termination fees by law, and where they can, they typically do not seek to enforce them. All that being said, we do provide a backstop guarantee such that if you do indeed have to pay a fee, we will reimburse you.

Is Arbor a supplier?

No, we are your energy advisor. We compare rates from competitive suppliers to find better rates for our users. When you sign up and link your utility account, we will see if a better competitive supply rate is available than what you currently pay. If your electric supply rate is better than competitive rates available, we'll continue to monitor the market and let you know when we've found a better rate.

Why do rates have a "term"? Am I locked into a contract?

Typically a fixed rate requires a contract for 12-36 months but you are not locked in. If you need to switch plans or we find a better deal we will switch you and cover the early termination fee.

What happens when the contract is coming to the end of its rate term?

If you have activated Autopilot, Arbor will automatically switch you to the best rate available from our energy supply marketplace. In the event that you have not chosen this option, we will inform you of your contract's impending expiration and provide recommendations for alternative plans for you to consider.

Are there any hidden fees?

No! With Arbor there are no hidden fees. We aim to keep everything as transparent and easy to understand as possible.

Do I need to change my supplier?

No, you as the user do not have to do anything. Arbor will take care of everything for you.

Who do I call if I have problems with my service?

If you have questions about Arbor's service, just email us anytime at support@joinarbor.com. If you have questions about your electricity service generally, you should contact your utility. If you have questions about your new rate after you have been enrolled through Arbor, you should contact your new supplier directly. We will give you their contact information once you are enrolled.

Will I lose power?

No, you will not lose power at any point and will continue paying the same utility bill.

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